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Create a wonderful personalised healing gift. Just  choose any two organic medicinal tinctures  from our range. When you place your order include a message with your choice. We will package them in a lovely recyclable presentation box for you.

Please see below for our range of tinctures and click on any for more information.

  • Chest tincture (with elderberry, marshmallow and thyme)
  • Sleep tincture (with hops, californian poppy and passionflower)
  • Relax tincture (with vervain, 
  • Menopause tincture (with
  • Digestive tincture (with Dandelion root, fennel and gentian)
  • Memory tincture ( with sage, lemon balm and rosemary)
  • Detox tincture (with dandelion root and leaf, nettle and cleavers)
  • Echinacea root tincture 
  • Valerian root tincture

Health and Well-being Gift Set

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