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Autumn 2020

Autumn is a busy time for us as we collect wild elderberries and rosehips from the hedgerows in Hexhamshire where we live. This year was an abundant one for berries and we felt blessed by the generosity of nature as we harvested some of her bounty.


At a time of year when we are more likely to succomb to coughs, colds and 'flu, wild berries offer us a powerfully rich source of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. In fact, rosehips can contain as much as 50 times more vitamin C by weight than oranges! In addition, elderberries are noted for their wonderful anti-viral properties and ability to support the immune system, properties which have brought these tiny purply black jewels of goodness into the limelight during the current pandemic.


Even better, the rich, fruity flavours of both rosehips and elderberries  make delicious, health-giving syrups, which can be used regularly medicinally to ward off seasonal bugs and for sheer pleasure when drizzled over yoghurt, porridge or as a mixer in that Christmas morning glass of prosecco. Enjoy!


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