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Wild Ideas - Our Seasonal Blog
Autumn 2021

I have been collecing Calendula (pot marigold) this morning. It is such a burst of sunshine in the garden. At this time of year I can feel a subtle shift as the plants begin to turn their energies towards producing seeds and trees start the process of preparing for rest. The flowers in the garden feel so precious. As I collect calendula to make our healing balm , and for drying and tincture making, I feel a bit like a squirrel storing what I need for the winter months.


Calendula is healing on so many levels. In our herbal balm (with comfrey and lavender), it helps heal cracked skin, fungal infections and soothes irritation. As an internal medicine, calendula supports digestion and liver function. I also find it invaluable as an energetic remedy when there is a lack of hope or trust in life and a tendency towards negative thoughts. In this instance I would add it to a prescription prepared specifically for a patient at my clinic.


We love working with plants and are always in awe of the gifts they share with us, on so many levels.