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A combination of bitter and soothing herbs which support digestion.  This blend of herbs has proven itself over many years in my clinic.  The tincture can be used as a gentle digestive stimulant and tonic as well as to ease bloating,  spasms, flatulence and discomfort. It may also help poor appetite  

If you need further support or advice, or feel you would benefit from an individually blended herbal tincture we offer individual consultations, either in person or online. Please visit  for more details 


Directions for use: 

Take 30 drops up to 3 times daily, half an hour before meals in a little hot water. It can be enjoyed added to soda water as a refreshing slightly bitter aperetif.


Our ingredients and why we chose them:

  • Taraxacum officinalis rad (Dandelion root)* - A bitter strengthening digestive tonic that also helps strengthen liver function and gently supports  healthy bowel function.
  • Gentiana lutea (Gentian root)* - A bitter herb that encourages production of enzymes and acid in the stomach, helping to ensure efficient digestion and good appetite. Interstingly this is an ingredient in angostura bitters, a well known drink used as an aperitif (taken before meals to promote digestion)
  • Foeniculum vulgaris (Fennel seed)* - A gentle anti-spasmodic that can help relieve bloating, build up of gas, cramps or colic. It has a mild warming and soothing quality
  • Ethanol - herbal tinctures contains ethanol. It is used as a highly effective means to extract the medicinal chemicals from the fresh plants and also  preserves the remedy for several years. Adding the tincture to hot water and leaving for a few minutes helps a lot of the alcohol to evaporate.
  • Water                                                                                                   *denotes certified organic or sustainably gathered from the  wild

Digestive Tincture 50ml

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