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This tincture contains extracts of 4 herbs which we have found to be very helpful in supporting women through the transition of menopause. It is important to remember that the menopause is not an illness (as sometimes seems to be implied in the media and elsewhere). However, if there are symptoms and discomfort as hormone levels re-adjust, then we believe this is a sign that support is needed. We offer this blend of sage, ashwaganda, agnus castus and red clover as a generally supportive remedy to be taken at perimenopause until sympoms settle. We are aware that symptoms can vary greatly and that a more personalised treatment is  sometimes called for.  For many though, this tincture provides the balancing, nourishing support needed.  


If you need further support or advice, or feel you would benefit from an individually blended herbal tincture we offer consultations, either in person or online. Please visit  for more details 


Directions for use:

Adults  30 drops in a little hot water up to 3 times daily. 


Our ingredients and why we chose them:

  • Salvia officinalis (Sage) * - included for its strenthening and mildly phyto - oestrogenic properties. It is known to be especially helpful with hot flushes and night sweats. Sage has also been shown to improve cognition and memory and so may help with brain fog and lack of mental clarity. Sage contains plant oestrogens so is best avoided by people taking oestrogen blocking medication.
  • Withania somniferum (Ashwagandha)* - known as an 'adaptogen', meaning a herb that has a generalised strenthening and tonic effect, especially helpful in times of stress, depletion and transition. Ashwaganda is also used to encourage a restful sleep and to calm an over anxious or stressed nervous system. It may also help with oestrogen dominance on account of its anti oxidant properties.
  • Vitex agnus castus (Chaste Berry)* - this is a herb we have found to be very helpful in supporting women to restore hormone balance . It can be relevant with PMT, infertility and also leading up to and around the menopause. There is a lot of research showing it can reduce many of the symptoms of perimenopause and we have certainly found this to be the case..
  • Trifolium praetense (Red Clover)* - included in this blend for a number of reasons. It contains isoflavones and these chemicals have been shown in trials to help reduce many of the uncomfortable symptoms sometimes associated with menopause. It is also used by herbalists as a gentle blood tonic and cleansing remedy, thereby helping ensure a healthy and smooth transition into menopause.
  • Ethanol - herbal tinctures contains ethanol. It is used as a highly effective means to extract the medicinal chemicals from the fresh plants and also  preserves the remedy for several years. Adding the tincture to hot water and leaving for a few minutes helps a lot of the alcohol to evaporate.
  • Water                                                                                                     
  • *denotes certified organic or sustainably gathered from the  wild

Menopause Tincture 50ml

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