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Arnica and hypericum are both used in herbal medicine to help reduce inflammation, pain and bruising.  This is a cream I have given to patients over many years and I have found it  invaluable in  supporting  recovery from a wide range of injuries, including bruising, sprains and nerve pain.

Arnica Montana (arnica)- Is used externally in herbal medicine to reduce inflammation and pain in a wide variety of situations.

Hypericum perforatum (st John's wort) - Is used in herbal medicine to ease nerve pain, to promote healing  and to reduce inflammation. It has also been shown to haveanti viral properties (in particular against the herpes virus).


Directions For Use

The cream should be rubbed in to the affected area 2 or 3 times daily till symptoms improve. Do not use on broken skin.

For further guidance plese speak to a herbalist or other medical practitioner.



Hypericum perforatum extract,  Arnica montana extract, Hamamelis virginiana, water, eyhanol,  emulsifying wax, stearyl alcohol, coconut oil, cocoa butter, tween, vitamin E, glycerine

Arnica and Hypericum Cream, 60ml

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